Saturday, May 14, 2011

The best things in life are often not things at all

Been working my butt off lately.  Forced to work on Saturdays.  Really feeling the clock tick on life.  Really feeling that pinch of missing time with my kids.  I pulled in the driveway last night and William came running out of the house with a big smile.  I smiled wide!  Then when I got out of the car he asked "Why are you smiling"?  I said "I am so happy to see you, and your smile"  Little moments.

Yesterday Emily and I spent some online shopping time at  We ordered Will a shark back pack and matching lunch box for school in the fall.  My first step in accepting he is leaving for school in the fall.  I get short of breath just thinking about it.  Anyway, I threw the kids in the car and we went and did some shopping.  Managed to get the flowers in the big pots on the porch in.  Bought some really cool paper lanterns to hang from the porch, they really make it cottage cozy.  Had a rain shower and watched the boys dance and play in the rain.  I know if I blink I will be standing in the drive as they head off to college. 

One more hour here in the office on a rainy Saturday.  Then I am heading home to my babies.  Hope is cleaning house for Roxanne and Emily and I are hitting the yarn shop, the Good Will Store and going for groceries while Hope works.  Norm recommended I marinate ribs in Coke, so this will be my culinary experiment for the evening.  I hope they are delicious.  My stomach is growling!  I am hoping to get Joe to come for dinner.  Feeling so clingy these days.

BK's Aunt had a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery yesterday.  Yet another reminder of my tenuous grasp on life.  I pray for her recovery and health.  She is a very nice woman, and I cannot even wrap my mind around the concept of losing my sister...not even close.

Think I will get the camera out today as well.  Doesn't even matter what the kids are into today, just feel the need to preserve the day.

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