Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer still sizzles...and a Birthday.

It is still hot as blazes here in our little corner. Well it is the end of July after all.  I had a surprise visit from my Aunt and Uncle in from NJ. She is my late fathers sister. It was nice to see her, but very strange at the same time. I have always associated her with my dad. This has been the 3rd time I have seen her without him.  We had lunch and a nice catch up visit. Seeing her makes me miss him more...if that is possible.

My birthday followed quickly after our lunch. I worked most of the day. The kids surprised me with a stick family sticker for the back of my truck. Something I have always wanted. It was a total surprise, and I was delighted.  Once home, B bought Chinese for dinner and then a chocolate cake. Our JJ is so all about the birthdays these days.  He gets more excited than the actual birthday boy or girl. I let him blow out my candles, and he sang off key and melted my heart. I am one blessed Momma.

B and I are looking for a new home. The economy is so bad. Our end of town is so bad and getting worse every day. I am in a panic. I need to get out of that end of town. I refuse to let the boys go to the public school here. The element is so...depraved, gross, unwashed, nicotein saturated, foul mouthed degenerates.  I am no perfect person, but God it is really getting scary here.  I know to send them to school here is for them to be lost to me. 

We have looked at a vacant house with 5 bedrooms in the town where B is from.  I could not swing the purchase on my own. My boss however is interested in flipping houses. I gave him the information and he and his wife went and took a look outside.  He said he and she are considering a couple options for the house.  I sure hope it works out in our favor. It needs love, but I have lots to give. An acre of land and a fireplace...I have always dreamed of having one. W wants one too. We are kindred spirits.  Our family is all about the cozy, heck we even have B saying the word now and then. I have been praying. They yard alone calls to me. If not that house then perhaps another.....I only pray that the Lord see's his way of getting us out of the nightmare we are currently in.  My boys have seen too much already. I want to go back to the country...and a decent school system.

In the meantime, we trudge on, swimming, eating, and spending tons of time together and trying to ignore the filth and depression around us.  As long as we have each other!

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's a barn burner baby!!!!

Hotest week on record. Yesterday reached a scortching 112 degrees, Lord only knows what the heat index was. I mean you step outside and it took your breath. Bill thankfully was let go from work at about 2:30 and I followed shortly after. I spent about 3 hours in the pool with the kids. Today is not much better, but we just had a round of impressive thunderstorms. I am sure this will only add to the humidity factor. The steamy days of summer. I love every minute of it! I have been having wonderful evenings full of my children and the water. We grill, go for ice cream and talk. Time of this mothers life truth be told.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Milestones and blueberries.

Well, she did it. E is now the proud owner of a valid OH drivers license. We drove to much nicer down there, worth the 45 minute drive. She passed with flying colors. I knew she could do it. She and one other boy were however, the only two that passed out of about 9 kids. There were angry faces and some tears.  Ahh youth.

Saturday we all took a trip to the orchard to pick blueberries in the July heat. The pancakes the next morning made it worth the trip. Not too mention the fact that we make this pilgrimage a few times a year to get those delicious cinnamon sugar doughnuts and apple cider slushies.  Sooo good.  I think we plan on heading back for more on Sunday but we will have to go early. It is supposed to be dangerously hot this weekend and the following week.

Bill and I have been enjoying some cuddle/play time with the boys before bed these days.  They get cleaned up and crawl in between us and we tickle or chat.  I think it is Bill's favorite time of day.  Last nights conversation was regarding William's first bee sting earlier in the day...poor baby.  The boys are very good about wanting shoes on, but he was on his way to the porch from the pool.  Guess we will keep those flip flops on stand by for when they jump out of the water from now on.  Life.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Celebrating freedom down on the farm

Our much needed 3 day weekend for the 4th of July was eventful. Friday we did nothing and enjoyed every bit of it.  Saturday, we got an unexpected new member of the family.  Late last week E and I were heading to lunch, when she saw a sign for Pomeranian puppies for sale.  We have been looking for one for quite some time. In fact Pom's are H's dream dog. So on Saturday a.m. we got up, went shopping, got my hair cut, chems for the pool...and Moose our new 7 wk old Pom. OMG is he the cutest!!!  As with Tucker, the hit of the neighborhood. Speaking of Tucker, I think he is in love too.  We wanted company for him, and they get along very well.  Tuck almost seems to know that Moose is a baby and he needs to play easy.  It is so fun to watch a tiny 1 pound dog go all ninja on a 70 pound Golden. It is great fun.

Sunday brought our trip to R and A's farm in Swanton. The older the boys get the more fun they have...and me too. I actually reached the point that I can sit and visit while they run all over the place. God were they filthy and tired. I left before B did and the boys stayed behind with him.  They didn't get home until 1 a.m. We all slept until about 11.  Joey came Monday and stayed the day. We swam, had steaks on the grill and some beer. It was a nice afternoon. Bill and I took the kids for ice cream in the evening. All in all a great weekend. 

I am looking forward to this weekend as we have not much planned.  E and I are going to Findlay on Saturday a.m. to take her drivers test. Lord I hope she passes...that is a long drive for her to fail. Manuverability makes her sweat. We spent an hour last night practicing...I think she can swing it...if her nerves don't get the better of her. Other than that, I don't want to do much. I am not in the mood for a house full...which we usually have what with the pool open etc. Always someone under foot, always someone eating me out of house and home, never a clean dry towel for me.  I have no voice strange, I don't feel sick, but I can't talk but a whisper. Very weird. I hope it goes away soon. It makes work near impossible.  Resting up...that's my plan.