Monday, September 26, 2011

An apple a day and a creepy crawly.

So our second trip to the orchard was a much better trip. There were trees for climbing, apples for picking and of course crunching, pumpkins, fabulous Indian Corn...a surprise with each pull of the husk, and a Praying Mantis that humored us with a close inspection.

We had beautiful weather. Stuffed ourselves with cider and doughnuts. The boys and Tabie had a straw fight, the girl is a good sport.  Cider however, was an astonishing $7.49 a gallon!! Needless to say I did not buy any. Not even if it were from the Fountain of Youth...and even then I would think twice. Bennets Orchard has it for 4 bucks, I am meeting a friend there Saturday to stock up.

W is star of the week at school this week. I am having lunch with him on Thursday.

B ordered the part for our washer...Lord I hope it comes soon! I hate this Laundromat business.

I am hoping to get the last of the summer flowers pulled and replaced with mums and gourds etc this weekend.  Love the fall decorations.  With fall comes some not so pleasant the mouse that scared the living poo out of me last night when I surprised him in my kitchen (insert shudder here) Time for a trip to the store for traps!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall, the time for hot chocolatey mornings and toasted marshmellowy nights.

Today is the first day of autumn. Seems like just yesterday I was complaining about the rainy spring not wanting to give over to warm temps. Now as I drive down the road, I notice that subtle change as the fields and wild flowers give their verdure over to the golds, rusts, and browns of fall.  Leaves are turning and I have noticed them gathering along side the curbs and in the corners of the yard. I wait in anticipation of falling buckeyes and acorns for decorating purposes. There is an industrious family of squirrels is treating our black walnut tree out back like manna from Heaven.  Two sugar "pie" pumpkins have already been carefully considered and selected by the boys, and now sit atop the counter. We are burning through candles at a fast and furious rate. Saturdays are filled with Big Ten Football, hoodies, and I have even broken down and made that first pot of chili with cornbread.  Where does the time go? We managed an early trip to McQueen's Orchard, but a bit too early. We will give it a go again this Saturday.
Today W's class has a field trip to Erie Orchards. Boy was he excited...he knows that place like the back of his 6 yr old little paw. Today however, he will get to see the cider press in operation. I cannot wait to get home so he can tell me all about his day.

We also celebrated T's Sweet 16 birthday last Saturday. Still cannot believe she was just 6 when I met B. Her mom and hubby rented a K of C hall and she had pizza, a DJ, and cake. I found myself drug out on the dance floor with her grandma to do the Electric Slide...humiliations galore! I was winded! I am out of shape! But it was fun. She had a nice turn out.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Just a man in love with a woman who wants to go swimming.

B, the kids and I spent at least half the day on Sunday closing down the pool for the winter. Every year at this time, I ask myself, why oh why do we have this thing? They are work! I think next fall I will have Dave come and close it up for us. Well, it's done and over with for another winter. All tucked in and forlorn looking.  Still a shock to look out the kitchen window and see that silver cover on.

Saturday the kids and I met B and her kids at McQueen's Orchard.  Kind of a bust.  Their U-pick doesn't start until the 24th. Heck they will all be on the ground by that time.  No cider until next weekend. So, we made the best of it. I bought half peck of Honey Crisps..our family fav...but insanely expensive. We bought the kids warm, fresh doughnuts and I took pics of them by the little pond. Like a dummy I left my camera at home today, so I will have to edit this post tomorrow in order to post the pics.

Today I saw a fall display at the grocery store. Magazines are coming to the house with pumpkins on the cover.  This gets J very excited. He cannot wait to pick pumpkins.  I love that the boys enjoy the fun of the simple things.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We are Gesu

Well W's big day has come....and Momma survived. W had his first official day of Kindergarten. It went smooth. He woke up in a happy mood. I thought for sure there would be tears...especially on my part, but I did ok, and so did he.

He HATES the getting up early part and told us he likes days at home better (smart kid). But he goes without much fuss...knock wood.
Mrs. Nofziger is his teacher. She seems so nice. I hope he has a good experience. He is so bright. I still cannot believe it each morning I watch him walk in the building with back pack and lunch box...and his "furnace" a.k.a. thermos lol.

I think J is enjoying the individual attention since W is gone. I hope to have some time with him in the winter months to hang out and play. Life moves so fast.

H is a senior this year. So glad she will be done!  Seems such a long haul for her these past 4 yrs. She says she likes the U of Akron. We shall see.