Tuesday, November 29, 2011

God Bless the food before us, the friends among us, and the love between us

Thanks Giving 2011 is now in the books. What a great day! Our morning was spent delivering hot meals to the needy. A friend of mine her at work hooked us up with the amazing well-oiled machine that is Augsburg Lutheran church. 412 meals delivered. We had so much fun! Everyone was so thankful to have the meal. We were invited into the homes of total strangers. It truly IS better to give than receive.

Home for a quick rest, clean up, and off to J and G's for dinner with the family. A perfect day as always. The boys were so good I would not have known they were there. The meal was so good, and the pie...wow! G's sister made a pumpkin pecan pie. The taste was so unique and amazing. I cannot wait to get the recipe.

My friends husband thinks he may be able to get Bill a job working for Jeep. Fingers crossed and praying like crazy.

Tree is up. Went with colored lights this year for the kids. It is beyond cozy. The boys are excited. B and I are trying not to stress, but we have yet to get an unemployment check. Anytime now!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Free Falling

Well, life sure has its ups and downs. Bill came home Wednesday night to tell me he had been laid off yet again. Only this time he won't be called back. His boss is thinking of closing up shop. So here we go again on our roller coaster ride of unemployment benefits and the great unknown. 

I think having been through this once before has left us a bit less stressed than the last time...but having to start over at 44 won't be easy. This comes as a mixed blessing (my optimistic soul talking) as Bill is no spring chicken. He has a lot of miles on his body. He really could use a job that doesn't take such a toll, and something indoors would be good. Another positive, they predict a bad winter, and I have one less thing to worry about with him not being stuck out in it.

In other breaking news...Bills sister and her hubby bought us a brand new wood burning stove. We are all so excited! What a gift!  Our furnace went kaput last spring. I have always always wanted a fireplace. They are so cozy. I cannot wait for that first fire...which if today's weather is any indication, won't be far off.  I will post pics once it is up and running. B and I need to pick out some tile so he can make a safe pad for it to sit on. 

H has moved back home and I am happy to have her. She belongs with her family. My sister has been so good to us, and I hope she is not too unhappy, but H needs to be with us. 

It's Friday and I am glad. It is very chilly. I get to spend some much needed girl time with an old friend tomorrow and I look forward to the laughter.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A couple of Italians, and some sugar skulls for Halloween.

Halloween 2011 in the books.

We had a flurry of activity. Saturday we took the boys out to B's sisters house in Swanton. They had Trick-or-Treat 2 days early. Smart thinking if you ask me. Halloween on a Monday is rough on kids and parents alike. So anyway, we took the boys and they had a great time.

Monday brought W's class party including a trip to a retirement home for more candy.

Monday evening up to T's house in Temperance for more candy. I think we are good on sugar for about 6 months!

On Monday, E and H spent some fun time painting their faces into these skeletal creatures called Sugar Skulls. They looked pretty impressive, and got a lot of compliments.

J and I have had menue discussions on...dare I breathe the words...Thanks Giving Dinner. I cannot believe it is November 1st. Stores are loaded with Christmas goodies. We also discussed the big cookie bake and set a date of Dec 10th. Lord help me, it will be on us before we know it.

Our furnace died, so B will be busy this week fixing that....and this just in, my oven won't light. So add that to his list. Holidays and no oven = no fun!  Thank God he is my Mr. Fix It. Not much he can't fix.

We are also in the market for a wood burner...R saw one in the paper the other day for 150 bucks, so we will go look into that. We are (so they say) in for a doozy of a winter, so I would like to be able to survive off the grid as far as heat goes, in case of power outages.

The east coast has already had a rare snow blast leaving 100's of 1,000's without phone and power. I fear my Aunt in NJ is one of them, as I have not heard from her this week. I even tried to call but my call would not go through. So I sit and wait to hear.

Well that is about it for now. Knit knit knit for me.

Here are some pictures to mark our holiday.