Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter fun and The Royals

While Easter was very late this year, it has finally come and gone.  We had ok-ish weather and the boys had lots of fun.  A nice dinner at the in-laws and a golf cart ride for the boys.  Onward SPRING! We even had discussions regarding Memorial Weekend plans, despite the fact that the weather seems to indicate that we are skipping warm sunny weather this year.

Friday morning Prince William of England will marry Kate Middleton.  I was glued to the tube when his mother married Charles, and again weeping while watching her funeral.  He seems so very much his mothers son...and let's face it, what girl in her right mind wouldn't want to be Kate for just one day.  If nothing else but to wear that huge sapphire and diamond ring that was once Dianna's.  I heard on the news that that ring is one of the top 5 most sought after pieces of jewelery ON EARTH...EARTH.  It is stunning.  I would love nothing more than to stay at home, wear a "fancy hat" and watch with a box of Kleenex on my lap...but alas, I am not marrying a fairytale prince..I am a working mother of 5 from nowhere Ohio.  I am sure it will stream live on the Internet anyway, so I can sneak cyber snacks of it throughout the a.m.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday.

Cannot cannot believe it is Easter weekend.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this weather is killing us!  Gray rain, wind repeat.  My boss is a crab ass, customers are frustrated and everyone is depressed and sooooooooo beyond sick of the cold and gray.  I mean, none of us are expecting temps in the 70's in NW OH in April...but 40 and rain and wind...give me a break.  The weather does not lend itself to that Easter feel.  I guess on the upside,my little ones are just excited for that Bunny despite the weather.  Tomorrow E and I will color eggs with the boys, they are looking forward to it.  I am looking forward to two days away from this office and all the depressing pools not going in conversations I am having with customers.

On Sunday it is off to B's brothers house for Easter dinner.  H won't be with us for the second year in a row.  I think I am grounding her next year lol.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


We did it!  Today was our first official pool installation of the season.  Better late than never right....right?  Boss is in a better mood, and I can look forward to a decent pay check.  My daughter E is working with me this summer.  I am happy to have the company, and the help.  I am also happy that she has some much needed income.

H is in Mytrle Beach with T and will be home on Monday..then back to school for 2 days, then she is off to Missour to visit my Papa..who is an amazing 97 years young.  I think E is feeling a bit left out and I can't say that I blame her there.  But at least she is making money.  She is saving for a car...we will see how it goes.  She is pretty good with money.

She has been helping me scan old photos to the computer so we can have them on disk in the event of a computer crash...or other natural disaster.  I will be glad when we are done.  All this editing gets tedious.  I would also like to get the kids baby books scanned to the disks as well..ya just never know.

We are supposed to be back to gray and rain for the most part again for the week ahead.  I hope it is decent for Easter though.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Is this thing ON????

Snow AGAIN this morning.  April 18th.  This is the Donner Party winter I swear.  I work for a local pool installer, and this poo on the ground is really harshing our buzz.  UGH.

I had a very nice Sunday.  I ran out to Swanton to visit a dear friend.  We did some shopping. I bought a dozen charms for my Pandora Braclet.  We ate brownies, and laughed til we cried.  I have been getting a dose of girl time and me time more often lately and it is so good for the soul! 

Jack got a hair cut and looks absolutely delicious.  I wish I could eat him...he is so cute.  William decided he had better things to do, but next week will be his turn.  I hope to post a pic of him soon (Jack) sporting the new cut, but didn't find time to take one.  I need to update my picase with my camera.  Easter will be photo fest as well. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Inside Out and Upside Down

Today has been a challenge!  You know the kind of day right?  Men are assholes, kids are driving you nuts, calling you at work.  Boss is driving you even more nuts.  Having a bad hair day, didn't get your coffee, dog pooped on the floor day. of thooooose.

I know there is a happy, pretty, independent woman in there somewhere...hopefully skinnier too..just crying to get out.  I usually try to shut her up with cookies...but I think I sense a revolt coming on.  I am just in the kind of mood to let her blow!  I need a change.  I need new clothes. A decent bra would be a great start.  I need exercise...fresh air.  I need a girls night, a spa day, and some church up in me NOW! 

I think it is natural, especially for women, to feel the need to reinvent themselves from time to time.  I think I am getting close.  Maybe the change in the weather, maybe spring fever, call it what you will.  In any event, I think this time around I will go with it.  Shake it up a bit.  Try to get some of ME back, rather than wife, mom, employee blah blah blah.

Maybe as close as I will come for now is locking myself in the bathroom for a half hour lol, but hey I will take what I can get!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sunrise Sunset

H went to Senior Prom this past Saturday.  E and I took our time dolling her up.  We had fun "girl time"...but for momma bear it was bittersweet.  Where did my little girl go...she seems all grown up.  She looked so very lovely!  She had a fabulous time!  I feel so blessed to have girls to do this sort of thing with.

I have been praying hard core on some issues going on in my world.  We live in a neighborhood that is shall we say past it's prime.  I haaaaate where we live!  Ghetto!  The school systems are broken and the ilk in which my kids will be exposed to makes me cringe!  If it were not for working full time I would home school them in a heart beat.  But I think they need that social interaction and sports etc.  There are charter schools around, but I have yet to hear really positive results from anyone regarding them. I really don't know what to do.  I have laid this at the Lord's feet in hopes that he hears and answers.  I know there is a not so pleasant element in every neighborhood, but we have a large share of the pie. I don't want my kids exposed to things that we don't teach at home.  I guess this makes me needing to be ever diligent in raising them.  We shall see how this all turns out. 

Lord hear my prayer!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome to the jungle

Well, it is turning the corner to spring...even though Mother Nature seemed to miss the memo around here.  Things and hours at work are picking up.  Hooray, because it means good money for us.

Downside...this will be my W's last summer home before kindergarden.  I held him back a year to foster his independence, but alas this year he must go.  I have lots of mommy guilt about working full time.  I was home or at least had my kids with me for the most part with my older 3.  My youngest two have always had a working mom.  Thank God above for my E and H as they have provided a loving daycare environment for them at home.  I guess there is a silver lining in everything. 

I had a few treats this past weekend.  Lunch with a childhood friend on Friday and lunch and shopping with an old friend and a high school friend on Saturday.  My friend returned a quilt my grandma had made, I was so happy to have it back.  My fathers mother made it.  I lost my it will be 3 yrs in July.  Getting this quilt back has inspired a project.  I am going to make a quilt (scrap quilt) of my own out of my dads old clothes.  I am also making my brother and sister a pillow quilted out of the scraps.  Better than letting a bunch of dress shirts hang around in the closet, yet I don't have the heart to donate them or toss them.  I think this will be more fitting to my memories of him.

I am exploring the idea of planting peas.  They are a "cold weather" crop and we love love love them in our home.  So, I thought I would try my hand.  We shall see!