Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A couple of Italians, and some sugar skulls for Halloween.

Halloween 2011 in the books.

We had a flurry of activity. Saturday we took the boys out to B's sisters house in Swanton. They had Trick-or-Treat 2 days early. Smart thinking if you ask me. Halloween on a Monday is rough on kids and parents alike. So anyway, we took the boys and they had a great time.

Monday brought W's class party including a trip to a retirement home for more candy.

Monday evening up to T's house in Temperance for more candy. I think we are good on sugar for about 6 months!

On Monday, E and H spent some fun time painting their faces into these skeletal creatures called Sugar Skulls. They looked pretty impressive, and got a lot of compliments.

J and I have had menue discussions on...dare I breathe the words...Thanks Giving Dinner. I cannot believe it is November 1st. Stores are loaded with Christmas goodies. We also discussed the big cookie bake and set a date of Dec 10th. Lord help me, it will be on us before we know it.

Our furnace died, so B will be busy this week fixing that....and this just in, my oven won't light. So add that to his list. Holidays and no oven = no fun!  Thank God he is my Mr. Fix It. Not much he can't fix.

We are also in the market for a wood burner...R saw one in the paper the other day for 150 bucks, so we will go look into that. We are (so they say) in for a doozy of a winter, so I would like to be able to survive off the grid as far as heat goes, in case of power outages.

The east coast has already had a rare snow blast leaving 100's of 1,000's without phone and power. I fear my Aunt in NJ is one of them, as I have not heard from her this week. I even tried to call but my call would not go through. So I sit and wait to hear.

Well that is about it for now. Knit knit knit for me.

Here are some pictures to mark our holiday.

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