Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Santa AND the Tooth Fairy

Christmas 2011 has come and gone. All in all it was very nice. The boys have turned a corner and we can now go to my sisters house and I can acutally relax and visit. They head for the basement and play.

The boys got a Wii this year and it is all they want to play. W finally went back to school today. I hated to see him go. I am now living for Easter break lol.

On Christmas Eve W came to us and said "I think I have a wiggly tooth" and he did. Flash forward one day, and we are at Christmas dinner at R's house and he comes to us saying he thinks his tooth came out. Sure enough...MIA. We never did find it..I was kind of bummed about that. So the Tooth Fairy made a visit to our house on the heels of Santa.

I am avoiding the depressing job of taking the tree down. I need to, but it is so cozy and I enjoy it so much. Maybe this weekend.

E and B bought the new years license's for Tucker and Moose. 25 bucks a piece. Jan 1st they bump the fee to 50 bucks a piece...what a scam. Anyway, all legal for another year.

This year I hope B finds a good job that makes him happy. In the meantime, he can do openings for DSP. It's good money but only lasts so long.

Our dryer took a poop, so we need to come up with about 60 bucks to fix it. Meanwhile off to the laundromat we go again to dry clothes. UGH.

I have a feeling I can't describe, but I sense big changes this year..for all of us. I only hope they are good ones.

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