Friday, February 11, 2011

Anywhere but here

We are in NW OH.  Dead of winter here...and I do mean dead.  Sub-zero temps at night, not much warmth or sun in the day.  I looong for some small token of spring.  I know it lurks beneath the snow somewhere...waiting.  The holiday excitement long gone, cabin fever is setting in.  We try to get our little ones out for some exercise and fresh, although frigid air, but it is not enough when you are 4 and 5.  So, they climb the walls and jump on beds in between playdough and Mickey Mouse Club House.  Emily and Hope are becoming mall rats...anything to get out of the house.  Bill has gone into hibernation mode.  Going from work to home, eat and bed, like a mole from hole to hole.  As for me, if it were not for knitting needles, and my Kindle I think I would be institutionalized by now. 

Since the holidays we have had some moments of excitement.  Hope got her drivers license.  Bill's nephew managed to roll and total our truck in a snow storm, and Tucker(golden retriever) escaped and managed to get hit by a car.  4 steel pins in his leg and about $2,500 dollars later..oh and the oh so sexy "cone of shame" on his head for 6-8 weeks.  How can life be so bumpy and yet so umspeakably dull all at the same time?

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