Friday, July 15, 2011

Milestones and blueberries.

Well, she did it. E is now the proud owner of a valid OH drivers license. We drove to much nicer down there, worth the 45 minute drive. She passed with flying colors. I knew she could do it. She and one other boy were however, the only two that passed out of about 9 kids. There were angry faces and some tears.  Ahh youth.

Saturday we all took a trip to the orchard to pick blueberries in the July heat. The pancakes the next morning made it worth the trip. Not too mention the fact that we make this pilgrimage a few times a year to get those delicious cinnamon sugar doughnuts and apple cider slushies.  Sooo good.  I think we plan on heading back for more on Sunday but we will have to go early. It is supposed to be dangerously hot this weekend and the following week.

Bill and I have been enjoying some cuddle/play time with the boys before bed these days.  They get cleaned up and crawl in between us and we tickle or chat.  I think it is Bill's favorite time of day.  Last nights conversation was regarding William's first bee sting earlier in the day...poor baby.  The boys are very good about wanting shoes on, but he was on his way to the porch from the pool.  Guess we will keep those flip flops on stand by for when they jump out of the water from now on.  Life.

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