Friday, August 19, 2011

Big week ahead.

Today is Friday August 19th.
Since W's bday is on a Thursday, we are celebrating tomorrow. He is excited to say the least. I think we all are. We are having family and friends for dinner and cake. B and I got the boys a trampoline. We are putting it up after they have gone to bed. The girls and I are also filling their bedroom with a ton of balloons for them to wake up to.  I simply cannot wait to see the look on their faces.

E DID IT! She got her GED! We are so proud of her. We are having another family dinner on Sunday...this time at the Olive Garden to celebrate. We wanted her to have a little something. It is an achievement after all.  It is also B's bday that day so extra excuse to celebrate.

Monday afternoon we are off to the school to drop off W's supplies and pick some up from his teacher. We are helping him put his name on things and getting him settled. Thursday is his first day. I have the day off, thank God, plenty of picture taking and tear wiping to be done. It is only a half day to get his feet wet, but enough. Friday will be his first full day. He will be tired I am sure and in need of the weekend to recover. I hope his back pack comes in the mail. It is from L.L.Bean. It is orange and blue with sharks and has his name on it. I hope he likes it. I need to order the matching lunch box. I still have a few last minute supplies I need to get for him as well. Such a busy few days ahead.

Tuesday the people from the school dropped a sign in our yard. We were all so excited! So many exciting things all at once.

I will have to work hard at keeping JJ busy. I am sure he will be lost without big brother. There are no other kids his age on our street. Oh well, things will slow down here at work and I will have time to spend with him and E too. Plenty of road trips to take.

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