Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bumps in the road.

Well we had a bumpy week here. H decided to confide some feelings to J and in turn called my sister. Now H is going to live with my sister for the school year to catch up and graduate on time. I am glad she has the fight in her to want to do what is right, but I struggle with the whole behind my back factor. B feels all mixed up. He said he feels like he is being abandoned by her.  This is not true, just his mixed emotions and seperation anxiety. I think now that H is actually making the move, she is feeling torn too.  Who knows. I just want her to be done with school and move on. B says she is gone for good, that she will graduate, get a job or be off to college and never look back....maybe. But, I guess we give our kids life so they can live it. Funny how we get bent out of shape when they actually do. 

W and school, there is another bump. School is expensive. I want to move so bad. I think Dave may end up helping us pay for his schooling...but right now, things are up in the air, and I am running out of time. I am trying so hard to leave all of this to God, but we are bleeding money. H's braces, my truck, W school, on top of bills. My head spins. This too shall pass...I hope.

We took a trip to the orchard for peaches last Sunday. They are unripe and very very small.  So, I don't know if we will try back later, or wait until next year...we had such a scorching hot summer with very little rain...they may stay small.  I will make jam out of what we managed to find.

Well, back to the rest of my work day...a trip to Daves house for my paycheck in a bit. We need to order W his trampoline so it gets here in time for his bday.

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