Monday, August 22, 2011

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

So we celebrated a few things over the weekend. On Saturday we had a birthday party for W. All in all a great day...with one minor..hell who am I kidding?..major double nuclear meltdown.

I made the ROOKIE mistake of doing gifts before cake. This led to screaming and crying. No photo's of the bday boy with smile and lit candles...nope, not happenin mom.  So, we have pics of the day and gifts, and some smiles, and one priceless screaming pic, that I am sure will come back to haunt a certain someone later in life...say on prom night lol.

Sunday was B's birthday, and we had a double celebration for E and her getting her GED. Dinner at Olive Garden with family and friends...and no little ones! It was nice.

We have been enjoying such beautiful weather here. But, I think it will be an early fall. I am actually thinking of wintering the pool over already. Our days are warm, but our nights are so pleasantly cool that the water is freezing. 

Tonight we take W to drop off his list of school supplies, and put his name on things.  Daddy will get his first glimpse of the school. I am excited. I will takes some pics if allowed.

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