Monday, October 10, 2011

Last but never least.

10 October 2011

What a week! Last Monday when E went to pick W up from school, his teacher told her she thought he was getting sick. Sick is an understatement. When she got him home he had a high fever. I was irritated. He had asked to go home and the teacher told him no. No one at the school could tell he was burning up? Yet the teacher told us W was lathargic all day. I think the least they could have done was taken his temp. Anyway, he has a virus in his upper respitory system. He is on the mend, and I am hoping he can go to school tomorrow. We shall see.

Saturday we celebrated JJ's bday. He was so cute and excited. He went with me and E to pick out a new bike. He loves it.  He is so into birthdays these days. He was ear to ear grins for the cake and singing. He even clapped when we cute.  EP brought cousin Z over for JJ to play with. We had dinner. The boys got a bath and then more play time. The day was fun. T brought him a set of crossing gaurds complete with lights and bells for his Geotrax set. He loved them! Wanted to show everyone who came over. He calls them Ding Dongs. Too cute.

This weekend I hope to get the kids to the pumpkin patch. We need some for carving. The boys are getting excited for Halloween.  The leaves here are really starting to turn and drop. Seems like an early fall, yet I cannot get over the fact that it is mid Oct. JS and I already discussed Thanks Giving Dinner menue. Time marches on.

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