Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

Saturday was our yearly hunt for the great pumpkin. It was cold baby...and blustery! I mean the kind of wind that tears siding off of houses, and blows little people and old folks down. Needless to say it was a short trip.  The boys had fun, I snapped a few photos, bought another gallon of cider, or as E calls it "poop juice" lol.

There was of course immediate pumpkin carving upon our arival home. E has been on an artistic streak and W and J have enjoyed every minute of disemboweling our soon to be Jack-O'-Lanterns. E actually suggested we go back to the patch one more time before Halloween. Perhaps this weekend depending on the weather.

Meanwhile, I have made and canned 2 batches of the most delicious apple butter. I am putting some in the mail for my Papa and a jar for my nephew A.

The weather has started to get a nasty streak. Lots of pewter skies, and lots of breezey days and some rain. I read we are in for a tough winter. UGH. At least the holidays make for a fun and cozy distraction for half of it. That jag from New Years to spring thaw is always the rough part. I am hoping to stay nice and busy this year. I think having W in school is making the days fly by as it is. I don't remember winters seeming so long when the older kids were young...maybe its because there was always something going on with school.

I have started a few knitting projects for Christmas. Want to get a jump on the gifts this year. 

Tonight is my monthly dinner witht he Stallions. Our group of kids from grade school. I always have a nice time. I am looking forward to it. Hope to get some photos this time around.

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