Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We are Gesu

Well W's big day has come....and Momma survived. W had his first official day of Kindergarten. It went smooth. He woke up in a happy mood. I thought for sure there would be tears...especially on my part, but I did ok, and so did he.

He HATES the getting up early part and told us he likes days at home better (smart kid). But he goes without much fuss...knock wood.
Mrs. Nofziger is his teacher. She seems so nice. I hope he has a good experience. He is so bright. I still cannot believe it each morning I watch him walk in the building with back pack and lunch box...and his "furnace" a.k.a. thermos lol.

I think J is enjoying the individual attention since W is gone. I hope to have some time with him in the winter months to hang out and play. Life moves so fast.

H is a senior this year. So glad she will be done!  Seems such a long haul for her these past 4 yrs. She says she likes the U of Akron. We shall see.

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