Monday, September 12, 2011

Just a man in love with a woman who wants to go swimming.

B, the kids and I spent at least half the day on Sunday closing down the pool for the winter. Every year at this time, I ask myself, why oh why do we have this thing? They are work! I think next fall I will have Dave come and close it up for us. Well, it's done and over with for another winter. All tucked in and forlorn looking.  Still a shock to look out the kitchen window and see that silver cover on.

Saturday the kids and I met B and her kids at McQueen's Orchard.  Kind of a bust.  Their U-pick doesn't start until the 24th. Heck they will all be on the ground by that time.  No cider until next weekend. So, we made the best of it. I bought half peck of Honey Crisps..our family fav...but insanely expensive. We bought the kids warm, fresh doughnuts and I took pics of them by the little pond. Like a dummy I left my camera at home today, so I will have to edit this post tomorrow in order to post the pics.

Today I saw a fall display at the grocery store. Magazines are coming to the house with pumpkins on the cover.  This gets J very excited. He cannot wait to pick pumpkins.  I love that the boys enjoy the fun of the simple things.

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