Monday, April 18, 2011

Is this thing ON????

Snow AGAIN this morning.  April 18th.  This is the Donner Party winter I swear.  I work for a local pool installer, and this poo on the ground is really harshing our buzz.  UGH.

I had a very nice Sunday.  I ran out to Swanton to visit a dear friend.  We did some shopping. I bought a dozen charms for my Pandora Braclet.  We ate brownies, and laughed til we cried.  I have been getting a dose of girl time and me time more often lately and it is so good for the soul! 

Jack got a hair cut and looks absolutely delicious.  I wish I could eat him...he is so cute.  William decided he had better things to do, but next week will be his turn.  I hope to post a pic of him soon (Jack) sporting the new cut, but didn't find time to take one.  I need to update my picase with my camera.  Easter will be photo fest as well. 

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