Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter fun and The Royals

While Easter was very late this year, it has finally come and gone.  We had ok-ish weather and the boys had lots of fun.  A nice dinner at the in-laws and a golf cart ride for the boys.  Onward SPRING! We even had discussions regarding Memorial Weekend plans, despite the fact that the weather seems to indicate that we are skipping warm sunny weather this year.

Friday morning Prince William of England will marry Kate Middleton.  I was glued to the tube when his mother married Charles, and again weeping while watching her funeral.  He seems so very much his mothers son...and let's face it, what girl in her right mind wouldn't want to be Kate for just one day.  If nothing else but to wear that huge sapphire and diamond ring that was once Dianna's.  I heard on the news that that ring is one of the top 5 most sought after pieces of jewelery ON EARTH...EARTH.  It is stunning.  I would love nothing more than to stay at home, wear a "fancy hat" and watch with a box of Kleenex on my lap...but alas, I am not marrying a fairytale prince..I am a working mother of 5 from nowhere Ohio.  I am sure it will stream live on the Internet anyway, so I can sneak cyber snacks of it throughout the a.m.

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