Thursday, April 21, 2011


We did it!  Today was our first official pool installation of the season.  Better late than never right....right?  Boss is in a better mood, and I can look forward to a decent pay check.  My daughter E is working with me this summer.  I am happy to have the company, and the help.  I am also happy that she has some much needed income.

H is in Mytrle Beach with T and will be home on Monday..then back to school for 2 days, then she is off to Missour to visit my Papa..who is an amazing 97 years young.  I think E is feeling a bit left out and I can't say that I blame her there.  But at least she is making money.  She is saving for a car...we will see how it goes.  She is pretty good with money.

She has been helping me scan old photos to the computer so we can have them on disk in the event of a computer crash...or other natural disaster.  I will be glad when we are done.  All this editing gets tedious.  I would also like to get the kids baby books scanned to the disks as well..ya just never know.

We are supposed to be back to gray and rain for the most part again for the week ahead.  I hope it is decent for Easter though.

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