Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Feast or Famine for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day has come and gone.  I had a nice relaxing weekend...as relaxing as you can get with 5 kids, friends and family anyway.

On Sunday we went out to A and J's farm for a cook out.  We had a nice time..the boys didn't want to leave.  They were happy, filthy and exhausted.  The boys cried through bath and passed out shortly thereafter.

Friday, DSP and crew put our new liner in.  It is so beautiful!  I ordered the ladder today and they have it in stock and on hold for me.  The water is like ice, but Jack was in it for hours at a time yesterday.  It was about 90 here yesterday and again today.  I love it!  I do feel bad for poor B though, working out in this.  He hates the heat.  I love it, like I love when the weather turns cold at first.  Something about keeping my family cool or warm and fed...makes me feel good, and so blessed.  

Things are crazy busy at work now that Mother Nature finally decided to turn on the heat.  E and I could hardly stay on top of the phones.  We have another hour to go, then we are off to the store for BLT supplies for dinner.  We had the most amazing sweet corn from Kroger of all places yesterday, so I think I will get more of that. And some watermelon.  I love love love summer.

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