Monday, June 13, 2011

Life is not the breath I take but the moments that take my breath away.

This morning I had to run an errand for work.  As I was walking back to my truck, I noticed in the fine film of dust on the hood, JJ had left his hand print.  It is a beautiful June day today, the country music on my radio was fitting, and that little hand print just made my morning. It was as if he jumped out to say "hi Momma" 

I spent the morning on Sunday (chilly one) on the porch with the boys and my camera.  I snapped the pic of JJ here with his powdered sugar doughnut, and his ever and always present baseball cap.  He sleeps in this hat.  I have bought him several, but he is really partial to this red one.  It was his first.  He has always liked hats.  One year W got a construction hat for Christmas, and JJ always had it on.  He is funny, sort of a mystery kid.  I feel like I am miles away from knowing who he is.  I know at the ripe ole age of 4 it is hard to tell what makes him tick, but W is so verbal by comparison.  I am always left wondering what JJ is thinking about.  I can tell you this much about him.  Loves hats.  Is our Inspector Gadget, loves to know how things work or go together.  Only lefty of my 5. Swims like a fish.  Picky appetite, sweet tooth the size of Nebraska.  Hates to be barefoot unless inside or in the pool.  Stubborn as his mother, tough as his dad.  He amazes me every day.

Got the air in my truck fixed.  I am like a kid at Christmas!  I have never in my life owned a car with air, until now.  I feel so spoiled going down the road with it on. 

Tucker had a vet visit on Saturday, updated his shots. Vet says he is the picture of health.  His flea and tic treatment was done that day as glad because he needs a bath and E and I can now give him one.

E and BK joined a gym and are busy buying work out clothes and running on treadmills.  I hope they get the results they seek.

Sunday was spent with B and my boys.  We ran some errands, and had lunch.  Later dinner with my fab 5 and BK.  Up late watching a movie with Bill, but it was nice to have the "us time".

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