Monday, June 20, 2011

Say Chuckie Cheeeeese

Father's Day weekend 2011 has come and gone.  Year 2 without my dad...sadness.  On the upside, we did have a nice day. Bill spent the morning sleeping in, it was well deserved.  We had a spur of the moment dinner at Red Robin with Brandy and Elvis and all of our kids except J.  Today is Zachary's 4th birthday, so after dinner, in celebration, we took the kids to Chuckie Cheese.  I have always dreaded bday celebrations there.  It is the epitome of obnoxiousness.  But, wow did the boys ever have an awesome time! Who knew?  We were there for hours.  They were so well behaved it was unbelievable.  Emily and Hope had fun with them and are begging to take them back.  So I guess we will be going back.

Hope had a long weekend.  She had a root canal started 2 weeks ago, and it decided to flare up.  Toothaches are like babies. They never come during "office hours". I tried to keep her as medicated as possible, but on Sunday night she wound up getting sick to her stomach from all the medication.  Nothing is helping her pain much.  The Dentist is seeing her at 2 this afternoon thank God!  I feel so bad for her.

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