Saturday, June 25, 2011

A little office help

Saturday June 25th 11. I was supposed to have the day off today. I got a call from Dave at 8:45 this morning telling me our back hoe opperator called to cancel our digs for the day, the back hoe had a broken line.  He asked if I could come in for a couple hours to dig up more pools that could be built in a pinch.  Insert explitive here.  I have had a bad head ache for days now, and I was planning on sleeping in.  I had also promised W that I would have the day off to spend with him.  So, I did the next best thing, I brought him to work with me.  He enjoyed the office chairs and how they spin around.  Currently he is playing Angry Birds on my phone. I hope this keeps him preoccupied long enough for me to get things buttoned up around here and Dave will let me go.

I am looking forward to my doctors visit this week. I have terrible acid reflux and it is getting worse.  Nothing I take seems to work. Lately I have been eating two pieces of dry toast just before bed, and it seems to help. But when it is bad, I am up for hours and the next day I feel like I have 3rd degree burns in my chest. That cannot be good.  I also have a dentist apt for Thursday this week. Finally I am getting this broken front tooth worked on.  It has been over a year. I look horrible. 

A do nothing and like it weekend is on tap for me. E is going to the Shoreland fest later today, and I am sure H will ask to go somewhere. So I am sure I will get the chance to do some knitting on the porch.  I have a ton of laundry waiting and need to wash my sheets too.

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