Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The heat is on!!!

Well summer has made her presence known today.  98 degrees. So humid you could drink the air.  I feel so bad for B working out in this heat.  I cannot even imagine.  I am sure he will eat and go to bed...I hope he cools off in the pool first.

I have chicken salad sandwiches and strawberry shortcake for dinner.  Nothing that will heat the house up for us tonight.  Thank God for the air conditioning and the pool.  I feel so bad for people who have no air or pool.  I guess I lived as a kid without it..the air I mean, but we at least had a pool and an attic fan.  It was not much relief when it was humid though.

I just got a text from poor B, saying a guy called in sick and he is stuck out in this heat in Monroe MI with a young kid who doesn't pull his weight.  Poor man, he does not do the heat well.  I told him to hurry home and get in the pool to cool off, I have a cold dinner planned.  He can just rest.  He was also informed yesterday that he has to be in to work at 7 from now on.  They are trying to kill him.

I hope I can beat him home. I want to make sure everything is perfect that way he has no stress. 

Hope and the boys have been living in the pool today.  It is dangerously hot and hard to keep they hydrated.  Hope said the boys actually asked to come in the house today. Must be hot, because they live to be outside.

I guess I have the perfect excuse to take pics of the kids in the pool this evening.

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