Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summertime and the livin is easy

Well what can we expect from NW OH weather?  We always go from zero to kaBLAM when it comes to weather.  So, Friday was cold and rain, we all had fall weather clothes on...Saturday and Sunday yep you guessed it, 92 and humid.  That wonderful sticky feeling your house gets if you don't kick the air on (which I promptly did Sat a.m.)  Admittedly, I will take Hazy and her evil step sisters Hot and Humid over the chill of winter any day.  Friday the new liner went in the pool and it is gorgeous!  The boys have braved the icy water for hours at a time..ahhh youth.  I remember jumping in as soon as my parents pulled that cover back.  It was actually a treat to have to hose the cover off, fold it up and lug it to my dads work bench.  Today, not so much sticky, wonderfully breezy, azure skies and around 80ish.  I'll take it thanks!

Memorial Weekend was a wonderful break from talking about other people's pools.  Family time, and a very nice BBQ at A and J's house.  5 acres of room to roam, toads to catch, kittens to chase, chickens to gather eggs from, horses to ride.  Bon fire, good food and S'mores.  The boys didn't want to leave. Lord were they filthy by the time we left for home.  Overtired, they cried through bath and promptly passed out for the night.  We all had the treat of sleeping in until 10.  I could use more mornings like that. 

Tuesday..a.k.a Hell Week here at DSP.  The phone was literally ringing off the hook.  Poor Emily and I had to run for our lives to get away from the office.  I hate days like those, but I saw it coming after all the rain.

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